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 Twisted could be written to leverage the new capabilities quite
 easily.  This applies to any other event loops like Tornado et al.
+Example Python Code Using New Parallel Primitives
+I haven't thought much about what the new parallel primitives will
+look like from a syntactical perspective.  I'm confident that the most
+elegant solution will naturally present itself as part of subsequent
+PEP reviews.
+The primary goal of this PEP is to introduce the concept of parallel
+primitives.  Such primitives have well defined entry and exit points,
+which the main interpreter thread relies upon to control parallel
+execution contexts.
+There are two use cases that need to be catered for: event-driven
+client/server programs and parallel task/data decomposition.
+A possible example of what the former would look like::
+    class SimpleEchoServer(async.TCPServer):
+        def __init__(self, cb):
+            cb.success = self.connection_established
+            async.accept(self.sock, cb)
+        @parallel.event
+        def connection_established(self, cb):
+            cb.success = self.line_received
+            async.expect_line(self.sock, cb)
+        @parallel.event
+        def line_received(self, data, cb):
+            cb.success = self.connection_established
+            async.write(self.sock, data, cb)
+    server = SimpleEchoServer()
+    async.register(server)
+The parallel task/data decomposition primitives will probably share
+some similarities with the OpenMP-style of interface, as it's well
+suited to this sort of task::
+    def linelen(line)
+        return len(line)
+    # Runs linelen(line) in parallel against each sequence
+    # element in ``lines``, then sums the result.
+    total = parallel.reduce(text.splitline(), lenline, lambda i: i+1)
+Underlying Implementation of Async Facade
+More discussion is warranted regarding how the async facade would be
+implemented on different platforms.  POSIX platforms will use epoll
+or kqueue, falling back to poll.  Windows, AIX and Solaris can use
+their native AIO facilities with IOCP or event ports.
+How each underlying implementation interacts with the parallel
+primitives also needs to be discussed.  Are separate threads used, is
+it all done in the main thread during parallel breaks, etc.
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