rmtew committed 43a7533

Remove unused variables and code, as seen when compiling on Linux. Related to interthread scheduling.

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     return slp_curexc_to_bomb();
-static int
-is_thread_alive(long thread_id)
-    PyThreadState *ts = PyThreadState_Get();
-    PyInterpreterState *interp = ts->interp;
-    for (ts = interp->tstate_head; ts != NULL; ts = ts->next)
-        if (ts->thread_id == thread_id)
-            return 1;
-    return 0;
 /* make sure that locks live longer than their threads */
                                        int stackless,
                                        int *did_switch)
-    PyThreadState *ts = PyThreadState_GET();
     PyThreadState *nts = next->cstate->tstate;
     PyObject *retval;
-    long thread_id = nts->thread_id;
     /* get myself ready, since the previous task is going to continue on the
      * curren thread
     PyObject *retval;
     int (*transfer)(PyCStackObject **, PyCStackObject *, PyTaskletObject *);
     int no_soft_irq;
     if (did_switch)
         *did_switch = 0; /* only set this if an actual switch occurs */
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