Kristján Valur Jónsson committed e028f6c

Add a new api: PyChannel_GetBalance().

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 	self->flags.schedule_all = val ? 1 : 0;
+PyChannel_GetBalance(PyChannelObject *self)
+	return self->balance;
 static PyGetSetDef channel_getsetlist[] = {
 	{"queue",		(getter)channel_get_queue, NULL,
 	 "the chain of waiting tasklets."},


 PyAPI_FUNC(int) PyChannel_GetScheduleAll(PyChannelObject *self);
 PyAPI_FUNC(void) PyChannel_SetScheduleAll(PyChannelObject *self, int val);
+ *Get the current channel balance. Negative numbers are readers, positive
+ * are writers
+ */
+PyAPI_FUNC(int) PyChannel_GetBalance(PyChannelObject *self);
   stacklessmodule functions
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