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 # Makefile to simplify some common AppEngine actions.
 # Use 'make help' for a list of commands.
+APPID?= `cat app.yaml | sed -n 's/^application: *//p'`
 	@echo "`hg id -n`:`hg id -i`" >REVISION
 update: update_revision
-	@echo "---[Updating `cat app.yaml | sed -n 's/^application: *//p'`]---"
-	$(APPCFG) $(APPCFG_FLAGS) update . --version $(VERSION)
+	@echo "---[Updating $(APPID)]---"
+	$(APPCFG) $(APPCFG_FLAGS) update . --application $(APPID) --version $(VERSION)
 upload: update
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