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tracker/roundup / TODO.txt

General Roundup project TODO list. Note that some of these are semi-formed
ideas. Those ideas that don't make the cutoff for the next major release are
punted automatically into the subsequent major release TODO.

State   Description
pending example: meta/parent bug implementation (feature request #506815)
pending example: replace the "extended" example with a "help desk" one, and
                 rename "classic" to "bug tracker"
pending example: script for retrieval of "mbox" archive of all messages
pending hyperdb: range searching of values (dates in particular)
        - filter specifies {property: (comparison function, value)}
          comparison functions: lt, le, eq, ge, gt. eq and
          [value, value, ...] implies "in"
pending hyperdb: make creator, creation and activity available pre-commit
pending hyperdb: migrate "id" property to be Number type
pending instance: split instance.open() into open() and login()
pending mailgw: allow commands (feature request #556996)
                like "help", "dump issue123" (would send all info about
                issue123, including a digest of all messages, but probably
                not all files...), "list issue", ...
pending mailgw: Allow multiple email addresses at one gw with different default
                classes and property values (possibly through command-line
                args to the mailgw as invoked in the mail delivery "aliases"
                file) eg:
                  roundup: "|roundup-mailgw /instances/dev"
                  vmbugs: "|roundup-mailgw /instances/dev component=voicemail"
pending project: switch to a Roundup instance for Roundup bug/feature tracking
pending project: have the demo allow anonymous login
pending security: an LDAP user database implementation
pending security: authenticate over a secure connection
pending security: optionally auth with Basic HTTP auth instead of cookies
pending security: use digital signatures in mailgw
pending security: submission protection (ok, I've forgotten what this is)
pending web: I18N
pending web: Better message summary display (feature request #520244)
pending web: Navigating around the issues (feature request #559149)
pending web: Quick help links next to the property labels giving a
             description of the property. Combine with help for the actual
             form element too, eg. how to use the nosy list edit box.
pending web: clicking on a group header should filter for that type of entry
pending web: re-enable auth by basic http auth
pending web: search "refinement"
             - pre-fill the search page with the current search parameters
pending web: UNIX init.d script for roundup-server
pending web: rewritten documentation (can come after the beta though so stuff
             is settled) ... including relevant file names in customisation doc
pending web: allow multilink selections to select a "none" element to allow
             people with broken browsers to select nothing?
pending dist: include the HTML in docs

bug web: request.url is incorrect in cgi-bin environments
bug web: need to indicate that generated pages shouldn't be cached

done instance: rename to "instance" to "tracker"
done hyperdb: write a backend for gadfly (it's as done as it's going to get)
done hyperdb: full-text search also search certain String properties
done hyperdb: further split the *dbm backends from the core code, allowing
              easier non-dict-like backends (eg metakit, RDB)
done hyperdb: fix the journal bloat
done hyperdb: add Boolean and Number types (GM)
done hyperdb: update design document
done hyperdb: entire database export and import (incl files)
done mailgw: better help message (feature request #558562)
done security: add info from doc/security.txt to design doc
done security: switch to sessions for web authentication
done security: implement and use the new logical control mechanisms
done web: Re-enable link backrefs from messages (feature request #568714)
done web: have the page layout (header/footer) be templatable
done web: fixing the templating so it works
done web: re-work cgi interface to abstract out the explicit "issue"
done web: have index page handle mid-page errors better so header and
          footer are still visible
done web: saving of named queries (GM, RJ)
done web: handle "not found", access and item page render errors better
done web: fix double-submit by having new-item-submit redirect at end
done web: daemonify roundup-server (fork, logfile, pidfile)
done web: modify cgitb to display PageTemplate errors better
done web: have roundup.cgi pick up instance config from the environment 
done admin: have "set" command be applicable to all items in a class, and also
            be able to unset properties (ie. set to None)

rejected instance: the use of non-Python configuration files (ConfigParser)