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1. License

This software is released under the GNU GPL. The copyright is held by Bizar Software Pty Ltd (

The stylesheet included with this package has been copied from the Zope management interface and presumably belongs to Digital Creations.

2. Installation

For installation notes, please see the file INSTALL.TXT

3. Usage

The system is designed to accessed through the command-line, e-mail or web interface.

3.1 Command-line

The command-line tool is called "roundup-admin" and is used for most low-level database manipulations such as:

. creating a database instance . redefining the list of products ("create" and "retire" commands) . adding users manually, or setting their passwords ("create" and "set") . other stuff - run it with no arguments to get a better description of

what it does.

3.2 E-mail

See the docstring at the start of the roundup/ source file.

3.3 Web

Hopefully, this interface is pretty self-explanatory...

Index views may be modified by the following arguments:
:sort - sort by prop name, optionally preceeded with '-'
to give descending or nothing for ascending sorting.
:group - group by prop name, optionally preceeded with '-' or
to sort in descending or nothing for ascending order.
:filter - selects which props should be displayed in the filter
section. Default is all.
:columns - selects the columns that should be displayed.
Default is all.
propname - selects the values the node properties given by propname
must have (very basic search/filter).

3. Design

This software was written according to the specification found at

a copy of the spec is distributed with roundup as doc/spec.html.

There have been some modifications. I've marked these in the source with 'XXX' comments when I remember to.

In short:

Class.find() - may match multiple properties, uses keyword args.

Class.filter() - isn't in the spec and it's very useful to have at the Class
CGI interface index view specifier layout part - lose the '+' from the
sorting arguments (it's a reserved URL character ;). Just made no prefix mean ascending and '-' prefix descending.
ItemClass - renamed to IssueClass to better match it only having one
hypderdb class "issue". Allowing > 1 hyperdb class breaks the "superseder" multilink (since it can only link to one thing, and we'd want bugs to link to support and vice-versa).
templates - the call="link()" is handled by special-case mechanisms in my
top-level CGI handler. In a nutshell, the handler looks for a method on itself called 'index%s' or 'item%s' where %s is a class. Most items pass on to the templating mechanism, but the file class _always_ does downloading. It'll probably stay this way too...
template - call="link(property)" may be used to link "the current node"
(from an index) - the link text is the property specified.
template - added functions that I found very useful: List, History and
template - items must specify the message lists, history, etc. Having them
by default was sometimes not wanted.
template - index view determines its default columns from the template's
<property> tags.

template - menu() and field() look awfully similar now .... ;) - the command-line tool has a lot more commands at its disposal


Most of the TODO items are captured in comments in the code. In summary:

in general:
. better error handling (nicer messages for users) . possibly revert the entire damn thing to 1.5.2 ... :(
. getopt() for command line . default init db in some way?
. transaction support
. split the file storage into multiple files
. errors as attachments . snip signatures?
. check the source file timestamps before reloading
. blue Date.__sub__ needs food, badly
. default to blank config in distribution and warn appropriately
. searching . keep form fields in form on bad submission - only clear it if all ok . messages should have the roundup CGI URL in them

5. Known Bugs

. date subtraction doesn't work correctly "if the dates cross leap years,
phases of the moon, ..."
. incorrectly embeds hidden fields for filters being displayed - and
doesn't use the existing values for filters being displayed either.

7. Thanks

Well, Ping, of course ;)

Anthony Baxter, for some good first-release feedback. And then continuing support through development on sourceforge.