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martin.v.loewis  committed b3a89eb Draft

r4238: Add Register permission.

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                 roles=String(),     # comma-separated string of Role names
+db.security.addPermission(name='Register', klass='user',
+                          description='User is allowed to register new user')
 # FileClass automatically gets this property in addition to the Class ones:
 #   content = String()    [saved to disk in <tracker home>/db/files/]
 # Assign the appropriate permissions to the anonymous user's Anonymous
 # Role. Choices here are:
 # - Allow anonymous users to register
-db.security.addPermissionToRole('Anonymous', 'Create', 'user')
+db.security.addPermissionToRole('Anonymous', 'Register', 'user')
 # Allow anonymous users access to view issues (and the related, linked
 # information)