easypg / README

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The easypg package provides modules to make using Pygame_ easier,
particularly for those learning to program.

Currently, it consists of a module defining some standard colour tuples,
a module to simplify the drawing of lines, shapes and text, a module
to support font handling, two modules to support the use of sprites and a
general utilities module providing various tools such as a ``Window``
class with a built-in display loop.

See the module docstrings for more information.

.. _Pygame: http://www.pygame.org/


* Python 3 or newer to use the package, 3.2 or newer to run all
  the example code

* Pygame_, compiled for Python 3


Some of this code is inspired by examples in the book `Game Programming
- The L Line`_ by Andy Harris (Wiley, 2007).

.. _Game Programming - The L Line:
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