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Issue #10 resolved

ReST botched in package descriptions

Andreas Kloeckner
created an issue

Hi there,

just wanted to point out that rendered package descriptions containing ReST look terrible--example:


Thanks, Andreas

Comments (6)

  1. Anonymous

    Restructuredtext is supposed to deliver "paragraphs" to the rendering engine — it is not supposed to matter how the source text file splits paragraphs into lines. But the site is throwing in a line break everywhere that there is a line break in the original. So I am seeing things like:


    PuDB is a full-screen, console-based visual debugger for


    Its goal is to provide all the niceties of modern GUI-based

    debuggers in a

    more lightweight and keyboard-friendly package. PuDB all

    ows you to debug code

    right where you write and test it--in a terminal. If you've wor

    ked with the

    excellent (but nowadays ancient) DOS-based Turbo Pasca

    l or C tools, PuDB's UI

    might look familiar.


    And, as you can see from the way I have carefully copied in the line breaks here from the actual site, it is splitting words between letters. I did not even know CSS could do that. But somehow it does. :)

  2. Alex Clark
    • changed status to open

    Thanks guys; there is another simmilar issue: WARNINGs display in the output, whereas we should probably fall back to text like PyPI. Will get a fix out for both ASAP.

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