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Due to a total lack of forethought on Verizon's part, most FIOS users are running highly insecure wireless networks. As if the ability to crack WEP in < 10 minutes wasn't bad enough, the key's they use are easily guessable.

The file has some simple tests (py.test) but really I didn't put too much effort into really filling this one out.

For a bit more information / background read dis usage

> python GV062 YDII2
Possible WEP keys for SSID: 'GV062'
['1801378BEC', '1F90378BEC']
Possible WEP keys for SSID: 'YDII2'
['1801406F96', '1F90406F96']

pretty simple!


Please let me know if you find any more MAC combos or just add them yourself.

Thanks for checking this out!