1. Qays H. Poonawala
  2. testdisk


TestDisk checks the partition and boot sectors of your disks.
It is very useful in recovering lost partitions.

It works with :
- DOS/Windows FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32
- NTFS ( Windows NT/2K/XP )
- Linux Ext2 and Ext3
- BeFS ( BeOS )
- BSD disklabel ( FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD )
- CramFS (Compressed File System)
- HFS and HFS+, Hierarchical File System
- JFS, IBM's Journaled File System
- Linux Raid
- Linux Swap (versions 1 and 2)
- LVM and LVM2, Linux Logical Volume Manager
- Netware NSS
- ReiserFS 3.5, 3.6 and 4
- Sun Solaris i386 disklabel
- UFS and UFS2 (Sun/BSD/...)
- XFS, SGI's Journaled File System

PhotoRec is file data recovery software designed to recover
lost pictures from digital camera memory or even Hard Disks.
It has been extended to search also for non audio/video headers.
It searches for
- Sun/NeXT audio data (.au)
- RIFF audio/video (.avi/.wav)
- BMP bitmap (.bmp)
- bzip2 compressed data (.bz2)
- Source code written in C (.c)
- Canon Raw picture (.crw)
- Canon catalog (.ctg)
- FAT subdirectory
- Microsoft Office Document (.doc)
- Nikon dsc (.dsc)
- HTML page (.html)
- JPEG picture (.jpg)
- MOV video (.mov)
- MP3 audio (MPEG ADTS, layer III, v1) (.mp3)
- Moving Picture Experts Group video (.mpg)
- Minolta Raw picture (.mrw)
- Olympus Raw Format picture (.orf)
- Portable Document Format (.pdf)
- Perl script (.pl)
- Portable Network Graphics (.png)
- Raw Fujifilm picture (.raf)
- Contax picture (.raw)
- Rollei picture (.rdc)
- Rich Text Format (.rtf)
- Shell script (.sh)
- Tar archive (.tar )
- Tag Image File Format (.tiff)
- Microsoft ASF (.wma)
- Sigma/Foveon X3 raw picture (.x3f)
- zip archive (.zip)

TestDisk and PhotoRec run under:
- Dos, Win9x
- Windows (NT 4/2000/XP/2003)
- Linux
- FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD
- SunOS

Both are under GNU General Public License.

Christophe GRENIER

PhotoRec - Theory of operation:

Carvers are plugable. Each carver consists of:

struct file_hint_t - describes extension, name, max size, enable by default, etc.
file_enable_t list_file_enable[] - array with all file hints and whether enabled or not.

phmain.c - Contains the main() and driver logic for photorec.
 - reads parameters
 - scans for available devices
 - parses the HD (or image)
 - resets the list of which file carvers are enabled
 - Initializes ncurses
 - Calls do_curses_photorec() (in pdisksel.c)
 - shuts down ncurses

pdisksel.c - 
 int do_curses_photorec(int verbose, const char *recup_dir, const list_disk_t *list_disk,
                        file_enable_t *file_enable, char *cmd_device, char **current_cmd)

 - runs either photorec_disk_selection_cli() or photorec_disk_selection_ncurses()
 - Both of these eventually call menu_photorec() in ppartsel.c

ppartsel.c - menu_photorec():
 - Implements Search/Options/File Opt/Geometry/Quit menu
 - Search Option:
   - Creates new recup_dir 
   - Runs ext2_fix_group and ext2_fix_inode if necessary
   - runs photorec()

phrecn.c - photorec()
 - runs multiple passes until status==STATUS_QUIT
 - calls photorec_mkdir() to actually make the output directory

photorec.c: - file_finish()
 - called when file is done.

  called by:
   - photorec_bf()
   - photorec_bf_pad()
   - photorec_bf_frag()
   - photorec_bf_aux()

  file_recovery_t *file_recovery - 

photorec.c - file_finish2()
 - called when a file is done.

 called by:
 - photorec_aux() (in three places)
 - photorec()
Some utility functions:
phbf.c - set_filename(file_recovery,recup_dir,dir_num,disk_car,partition,nn)
 - Figures out a file name

XML Report Integration

xml output file is always made and always placed in recup_dir