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Hello! Today I tried to plug both hands in my robot and operate them, however, the

roslaunch qb_device_driver communication_handler.launch

command is only returning one device, as written in the attachment, instead of two.

Any thoughts on that?


1- Both hands are working fine, as I could move them separately. (I used one hand per time, with their respectively cables, to make sure that was not a hardware failure).

2- I performed the installation as written in README. Before moving the hands, I did not do any other settings. As far as I know, the settings should be done for the /qb_hand_control/launch/control.launch file, to choose between multi-device or multiple single setup

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  1. Alessandro Tondo

    Hello there,

    I believe that you are using both the qb SoftHands with the same ID: this is not possible even if you are exploiting two different USB ports.

    Can you check if both devices have ID equals 1?
    In such a case you should change one of the two hand’s ID, e.g. the right hand with ID 1 and the left with ID 2.
    You can perform this modification through the HandTool GUI available on our website.

    Please let me know if you solve the issue.
    Best regards,

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