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Martin Schulze created an issue

I am trying to integrate the qbhand in Gazebo but once I add transmission tags to the joints and plug in controllers (ROS control), Gazebo seems not be able to to deal with the (position?) constraints on the fingers “explore”, fly around the robot and even lift it up (looks funny tho). Did you guys @qbrobotics had the hand before integrated in Gazebo or have any ideas how I can fix this issue? Thank you :-)

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  1. Alessandro Tondo

    Hi Martin,

    Unfortunately there is no official Gazebo plugin for the qb SoftHand.

    The only code available (that we are aware of) comes from the guys that work at the University of Pisa, and it is available here:

    Actually that code is a bit old and it is not directly usable together with the official ROS nodes, but it could be a good starting point for improvements.

    Moreover, if you come up with something useful for the community, we will be happy to evaluate any code that you could propose through Pull Request on this repository.

    Best regards,

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