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We have acquired a hand to build robotic demo of new algorithms. These algorithms are developed in Python3. The qbhand-ros package is compatible with ROS-melodic release (and also older versions) which supports only Python2. The newest ROS-noetic release on the other hand is built atop Python3.


Based on the above, we seems stuck with Python2.


Ideally the new ROS-noetic release would be supported


Which part of your code is incompatible with the newest ROS-noetic release? Can a hack be envisioned or the incompatibility is more fundamental?.

Thank you

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  1. Alessandro Tondo

    Hello there,

    The official release is not yet planned, but it should arrive quite soon.

    Anyway, the code should already work with ROS Noetic if compiled from sources.

    Please, let us know if you have any problem in using our nodes with ROS Noetic.

    Best regards,

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