Q-MAM is a set of MATLAB scripts for the analysis of queues using matrix-analytic methods.

It includes, among others, the following queueing models:

  • PH/PH/1
  • MAP/MAP/1
  • MAP/M/c
  • MAP/D/c
  • RAP/RAP/1
  • MMAP[K]/PH[K]/1
  • MMAP[K]/SM[K]/1
  • SM[K]/PH[K]/1

State-of-the-art solution techniques are used to solve these models efficiently.

Quick start

  • The easiest way to start is to go to the Downloads section and download the latest version of QMAM (currently 1.1).
  • The .zip contains a set of matlab scripts that you can add to your path and use directly.
  • Download and add to your path the SMC Solver scripts, from the sources indicated below in the Requirements section.
  • Download this example and run it in MATLAB. The examples shows how to use the QMAM scripts to obtain the queue-length and response-time distributions for a PH/PH/1 queue.
  • Detlais on the parameters of each script are provided in the respective script.


Q-MAM requires the SMC Solver

  • Download the SMC Solver QBD files from here
  • Download the SMC Solver MG1 files from here


Q-MAM is released under the Apache License 2.0

Citing Q-MAM

When using this tool, please refer to the paper

  • Q-MAM: A Tool for Solving Infinite Queues using Matrix-Analytic Methods, by J. F. Pérez, J. Van Velthoven and B. Van Houdt. Proceedings of Valuetools 2008. ACM DL

Additional info on the tool is found in the paper.


  • To report bugs and request features please use the Issue tracker on the left-hand panel.
  • For questions about using Q-MAM please contact the repo admin.


  • Juan F. Pérez
  • Benny Van Houdt
  • Jeroen Van Velthoven