dmd 2.0.61 compile error - X is not an lvalue

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Anonymous created an issue

It seems structs are now lvalues:

qtd\d2\qt\core\QLine.d(81): Error: (QPoint
qtd\d2\qt\core\QLine.d(91): Error: (QPoint

qtd\d2\qt\core\QLine.d(239): Error: (QPointF
qtd\d2\qt\core\QLine.d(250): Error: (QPointF
qtd\d2\qt\core\QLine.d(260): Error: (QPointF
qtd\d2\qt\core\QSize.d(62): Error: (QSize __

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  1. Michael Crompton

    As work around, i modified some functions by using a template and auto ref e.g.

    • replace: void scale(ref QSize s, Qt.AspectRatioMode mode)
    • with: void scale(T:QSize)(auto ref T s, Qt.AspectRatioMode mode)
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