QHotspot freeRADIUS3 Management Panel for pfSense


Getting Started

!!! This project is under construction. We are not responsible for any problems that may occur in your system.

**This installation is a new panel installation. For the old ghost panel, please use this branch.

This project aims to set up a Hotspot panel powered by Laravel, MySQL, PDO, freeRADIUS3 on pfSense with a command and make necessary adjustments.

It also includes the control application of Unifi antennas as an extra.


  • Fresh installed pfSense 2.3.x or higher



If you are using 2.3.x, go to System -> Update -> Update Settings and select Firmware Branch "Security / Errata only (2.3.x)".

Connect to pfSense console with popular SSH Client on SSH And run the following command :

Note : root user must be logged in. Not admin.

fetch -o && sh
Default Configs
  • Default mysql root password is qhotspot and port 3306
  • Default mysql freeRADIUS username and password both qhotspot and remote access allowed.
  • Default mysql watchdog cron trigger time is every minute
  • Default freeRADIUS3 test username and password both test
  • Default freeRADIUS3 mysql test username and password both testmysql
  • Default Captive Portal zone name is QHOTSPOT
  • Default Unifi Controller port is 8080 (http) & 8443 (https)


  • Install MySQL 5.6
  • Install PHP MySQL Extensions
  • Install freeRADIUS3 package
  • Install cron package
  • freeRADIUS3 CA & certificate create
  • freeRADIUS3 settings
  • freeRADIUS3 EAP settings
  • freeRADIUS3 test user create
  • freeRADIUS3 mysql test user create
  • pfSense CaptivePortal settings
  • Web panel design
  • Web panel integration to MySQL
  • Logging & Signing of the law of the Republic of Turkey No.5651
  • ...more

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This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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