QHotspot freeRADIUS2 Management Panel for pfSense

Getting Started

!!! This project is under construction. We are not responsible for any problems that may occur in your system.

This project aims to set up a Hotspot panel powered by Laravel, MySQL, PDO, freeRADIUS2 on pfSense with a command and make necessary adjustments.

It also includes the control application of Unifi antennas as an extra.


  • Fresh installed pfSense 2.3.x or higher



If you are using 2.3.x, go to System -> Update -> Update Settings and select Firmware Branch "Security / Errata only (2.3.x)".

Connect to pfSense console with popular SSH Client on SSH And run the following command :

fetch -o && sh
Default Configs
  • Default mysql root password is qhotspot and port 3306
  • Default mysql freeRADIUS username and password both qhotspot and remote access allowed.
  • Default mysql watchdog cron trigger time is every minute
  • Default freeRADIUS2 test username and password both test
  • Default freeRADIUS2 mysql test username and password both testmysql
  • Default Captive Portal zone name is QHOTSPOT
  • Default Unifi Controller port is 8080 (http) & 8443 (https)


  • Install MySQL 5.6
  • Install PHP MySQL Extensions
  • Install freeRADIUS2 package
  • Install cron package
  • freeRADIUS2 CA & certificate create
  • freeRADIUS2 settings
  • freeRADIUS2 EAP settings
  • freeRADIUS2 test user create
  • freeRADIUS2 mysql test user create
  • pfSense CaptivePortal settings
  • Web panel design
  • Web panel integration to MySQL
  • Logging & Signing of the law of the Republic of Turkey No.5651
  • ...more

Built With


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This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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