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 handlers.AboutQualyzerHandler.copyright5b=\nother licenses. Please see the about_files folder of these plugins
 handlers.AboutQualyzerHandler.copyright5c=\nfor more information.
-handlers.AboutQualyzerHandler.copyright8=\n\tMartin Robillard\n\tBarthelemy Dagenais\n\tJonathan Faubert\n\tBorui Zhang
+handlers.AboutQualyzerHandler.copyright8=\n\tMartin Robillard\n\tBarthelemy Dagenais\n\tJonathan Faubert
 handlers.AboutQualyzerHandler.description1=Qualyzer supports researchers conducting qualitative inquiries 
 handlers.AboutQualyzerHandler.description2=by helping them manage participants, transcripts, and memos.\n\n visit us at\n\n
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