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Issue #106 resolved

Exporting Associated Fragments with Codes

Anonymous created an issue

From an email conversation with Barthélémy:

Barthélémy: "Finally, if you want to have an option to export the fragments for each code in a file, would you mind filling a feature request describing what you need? I believe I could easily add an option and generate the file as soon as this week."

Greg's suggestion for new feature:

As I have worked through coding my project, I see no way to export, save as a separate (txt / rtf / whatever) or print the list of fragments associated with a particular code. (In fact, I see no printing options whatsoever).

I might want to work with / edit a complete list of associated fragments outside of Qualyzer, as opposed to only viewing the complete list, or working with the individual fragments in the fragment view.

Please contact me for any additional questions, discussion on this.


Greg Bryant


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