Embedded images converted as binary dumps

Issue #120 resolved
Martin Robillard
created an issue

MS Word (for example) embeds binary objects in the rtf when it saves files in this format. Importing rtf with binary objects leads to the binary encoding appearing in the transcript.

To reproduce: import the attached file as a transcript.

Binary objects should be stripped from RTF files when imported into Qualyzer. This should be documented somewhere, perhaps through a pop-up message.

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  1. Barthelemy Dagenais
    • changed status to open

    The image is now stripped from the RTF. I found that in this particular file, the image was in a RTF group ({\pict ...}), which are easy to ignore as a whole in the new parser. The RTF specifications also mention a control word (\bin I think) that would be more complex to handle.

    Would it be possible to generate images with other RTF editors as well (e.g., openoffice, pdf converter) so we can ensure that images are generally removed (if an image is not removed from the new version of Qualyzer, could Borui attach it to this bug report?).

    I'm not sure about the popup. There are many things that we strip from the RTF file (e.g., table structure, colors, fonts). Maybe we can add a notice in the import transcript dialog (all non-supported artefacts such as colors and images will be ignored)?

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