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Issue #123 resolved

Fragments containing accented characters will crash the Fragment Viewer

Martin Robillard
created an issue

If some text is selected as a fragment and it contains accented characters, the feature "View Associated Fragments" will crash the viewer.


Create a new transcript with text with an accent.

Select the text, attach a code to it. Save

Go to the Codes page, right-click the code associated with the accented text, select "View Associated Fragments"

The viewer should show an exception trace.

WORKAROUND: Use find-replace (Ctrl-F) to get rid of accents in your transcript.

Comments (5)

  1. Martin Robillard reporter

    CAUSE: the Fragment viewer relies on type org.eclipse.ui.forms.widgets.FormText to display the fragments. Unfortunately this widget does not appear to support translation of HTML accents (such as ä) into their corresponding accents. This was not documented in the Eclipse API docs.

    The fix will be in ca.mcgill.cs.swevo.qualyzer.editors.pages.CodeFragmentViewerPage.createTextBox.

    There we just have to find a way to properly display the accents, or get rid of them. The problem currently is that the call to StringEscapeUtils.escapeHtml turns all accents into their HTML-encoded version.

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