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Documentation Planning

In general, we want to optimize the documentation so it can serve both as user documentation and marketing material.

  • Less is more. There are many features and tasks supported by Qualyzer. The list will grow over time. We don't want to overwhelm the user with tons of features. Some features can be discovered over time (e.g., if we show bold, the user can infer italic and underline).
  • Except the feature list, everything else should be task oriented. Even in the feature list, we should provide links to supported tasks (e.g., when showing the Transcript editor, we can link to "Transcribing an interview" video).
  • Pointers: at the end of tutorials/videos/slide shows, we should provide pointers (where to go from here).
  • Almost everywhere, we should provide a list of support links like Django does (see bottom of the page).

Feature List

There should be a page presenting the main features of Qualyzer. Maybe with one screenshot per feature. A bit like:


A deck of slides that shows screenshots and captions to provide an overview of the features.

  • Overview (only the killer features like the Project Explorer, the Transcript Editor, the Code Editor)
  • Setting up a Project
  • Transcribing an interview
  • Coding an interview
  • Writing a memo
  • Analyzing qualitative data

Technical Details



A series of short videos that walk the viewer through various tasks.

  • Setting up a Project
  • Transcribing an interview
  • Coding an interview
  • Writing a memo
  • Analyzing qualitative data

Technical Details

We will probably need a Youtube account. As opposed to screenshots, videos are costly to produce so we should wait until 1.1 before doing them. We can work on the script before that though.


A list of frequently asked questions (seeded by us at first). Should answer common questions, cover smaller features not mentioned in the videos/slide shows/tutorials.

  • How do I import an existing transcript?
  • Can I share a project with a colleague?

Documentation Organization

We need to revisit the website organization.

  • One page per video + list of videos
  • One page per slide show + list of slide shows
  • One page for the features list
  • One page for the FAQ

See these pages for one example of organization using Sphinx:

Front Page

List of features to put on the website

  • Project Management Support: create and manage participants (also called subjects or informants), investigators, transcripts, memos and codes.
  • Transcription Support: associate a transcript with an audio file, play the audio file while transcribing, format your text (bold, italic, underline).
  • Coding Support: select a fragment of text in a transcript and associate the fragment with a code. Code names are autocompleted to prevent spelling errors, but you can create new codes on the fly too.
  • Analysis Support: view the list of codes and their frequencies, see all fragments associated with a code, and click on the fragment to navigate to the corresponding transcript.

Images (mockups)

Project Management Support


Transcription Support


Coding Support


Qualitative Analysis Support