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These are known limitations in Qualyzer. For most of them we either haven't been able to reproduce the problem consistently enough to pin it down or they are linked to the default behaviour of the Eclipse framework.

RTF Editor

One word with two fragments

One word that is marked as two non-overlapping fragments. Hovering the cursor over either of these fragments will display only the first.


In the example above imagine that "ThisIs" is marked as one fragment (Code A) and "Example" is marked as another fragment (Code B). These are considered part of the same word since there is no space separating them. Hovering anywhere in the word will cause A to be displayed.

Cursor Jump (Fixed)

(Windows Only) When editing a newly created transcript for the first time, the first save may cause your cursor to jump back to the top of the document.

  • This was caused by comparing the new string which contained Linux style new-lines to the content of the editor which contained Windows style new-lines. Even though the two texts appeared the same, their comparison was non-equal leading to the contents of the editor being replaced with the new string. This caused an update to be sent to the editor moving the cursor and remove all the annotations.
  • We solved it by adding a VerifyListener to the TextStyle Widget which checks if "\r\n" is being added to the widget. If it is then it is replaced by "\n". From now on the editor should never contain "\r\n" again.


Saving large transcripts and memos is slow due to the process of converting to RTF. Not only do we need to add the tags for the annotations to the appropriate places but we must examine each character to determine if it is a special character. These include '\t', '\n', '{', '}', backslash and all non-ASCII characters.

Cursor Flicker

(Linux Only) When editing an rtf document after having set the editor font in the preferences, if you are typing on a line with a bolded piece of text the cursor may appear to jump back several characters with each key-stroke. This does not effect character placement at all. It simply looks bothersome.

Code Editor


When editing a description, if you save while the focus is on the Description text field, your cursor will jump from its current position to the top of the text field.