All milestones correspond to releases. However, 0.x milestones are for beta releases of the unfinished system. 1.0 will be the first officially complete public release. This page is mostly for planning. For more accurate information on each release, please see the release notes.

Milestone 0.1 - 18 June 2010

  • Architecture Model Completed
  • Set up a list of features
  • Set up a format for the release notes (and write them for 0.1)
  • Use Case 1.0 Starting a Project
  • Use Case 2.0 Setting up a Project
  • Use Case 3.0 Editing a Project

Milestone 0.2 - 15 July 2010

  • Refactoring of the persistence layer into a Facade
  • Exception logging
  • Swapping the database
  • Add a transcript editor
    • Format text (bold, italics, underlined)
    • Automatic text wrapping
    • Mark/unmark fragments.
  • Add code management
    • Create code
    • View codes in editor and edit descriptions
    • Delete code

Milestone 0.3 - 4 August 2010

  • Play audio file
  • Style bar
  • Refactoring of RTFEditor
  • Memo Management
  • Viewing Coded Fragments
  • Validating text field length
  • Hiding non-Qualyzer Projects
  • Code frequencies

Milestone 1.0 - 20 August 2010

  1. Support for accents (unicode).
  2. Import/Export project
  3. Project properties
    1. Show project path (read only)
    2. Set default investigator
  4. Rename project
  5. Seek shortcuts (configurable)
  6. Option to create a new Participant in the new Transcript wizard.
  7. Spellchecking (optional)

Milestone 1.1 - 15 September 2010

  1. Refactoring of swt widgets into jface viewers
  2. Code hierarchies
  3. Automated Project Updated
  4. Timestamps (support for selection and manual addition. Automated addition will be for post 1.1)
  5. Handling plural (e.g.,now: deleting a code will delete 1 associations)
  6. Enable font preference (courrier can be considered ugly)


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