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Development Process

Version Control Messages

All commits must have a message, formatted as such:

  • Before release 0.1, messages without references are allowed. We will assume they are general setup changes.
  • After release 0.1 all commits should begin with one of
    • refs #n: where n is an issue number representing the issue addressed by the commit. This should be followed by a message if pertinent.
    • Cleanup: for all cleanup code, changes to comments, updates to match the style guide. etc.
    • Release: non-code changes necessary to create a release (change to about box, increment of release numbers in constants, etc.) Please append the number of the release created.
    • JavaDoc: for updates to documentation of various methods and classes.

Coding Style

  • Compliant with Checkstyle (qualyzer_checks.xml)
  • Please add your name in the file header, not the class header.

Bug Reporting

  • Version is the release the bug is in. Tasks should not have a version attached to it, only a milestone.
  • Milestone is our goal for integrating the patch.
  • As soon as you start working on an issue, please change it from New to Open
  • Do not close issues until we discuss them in the scrum meeting. Afterwards the assignee is in charge of closing them.

New Release

Things to do before putting out a new release:

  • Update the splash screen with the release number.
  • Update the release number in the plug-in manifest.
  • Update the release number in the About box.
  • After code freeze, create a branch of the release (e.g., br-0.1). It is ok to create a new remote head when creating a new branch.
  • Create the release notes.
  • Copy the release notes on the static web site.
  • Update the download shortcuts on the static web site.
  • Create the zipped archives.
  • Upload the archives to SourceForge
  • Send an email to the mailing list with the release notes and the url for download.
  • Increment the default version and milestone numbers in the issue database.


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