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I don't think the description is necessary, that's what docs are for

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                     kv_container: stacklayoutcontainer
                         id: stacklayoutcontainer
-                AccordionItem:
-                    title: "Introduction"
-                    Label:
-                        text_size: self.width-200, None
-                        markup: True
-                        text: '''Layouts are containers that automatically position their child widgets according to certain layout rules.\n\n[b]Anchor Layout[/b] aligns children to a border\n[b]Box Layout[/b] arranges children in a vertical or horizontal box.\n[b]Float layout[/b] places boxes according to their pos and size hints\n[b]Grid layout[/b] arranges the children in a matrix\n[b]Stack layout[/b] arranges children vertically or horizontally as far as they will fit.'''
                 id: basic_widgets