kivy-catalog / README

This is the Kivy Catalog viewer. It serves two purposes:

1. To showcase the various widgets available in Kivy
2. To allow interactive editing of Kivy language files
    to get immediate feedback as to how they work

To use it, you'll need to install Kivy and it's dependencies
a la Then run
python and browse or edit widgets to your heart's content.

Known bugs:
* StackLayout is misbehaving
* The DropDown item I had tested completely crashes Kivy
* Scatter seems to do some weird translation on multitouch. This is probably an Accordion related bug
* The GridLayout example could use some extra features
* If you try to start the app with focused set to true, weird stuff happens.
    but it works fine if you set focused to true and press render.
* Video playback doesn't work for me, but this may be a dependency issue
* Popups are displayed inline
* Some widgets are still missing
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