I'm having a few begginner problems getting IQFeed data

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Hello, first of all thanks for the package it looks awesome .

I run diagnostics and EVERYTHING seems very fine.

But when I try to get iq feed data for 'GBPUSD.FXCM' it returns me null,

library( QuantTools )
# load ticks data set
data( ticks )
# convert them to hourly candles
timeframe = 60 * 60 
candles = to_candles( ticks, timeframe )

settings = list(
  iqfeed_host = '',
  iqfeed_port = '5000')
QuantTools_settings( settings )

symbol = 'GBPUSD.FXCM'
from = '2020-06-01'
to = '2020-08-01'

GBPUSD.FXCM <- get_iqfeed_data( symbol, from, to, 'hour' )


GBPUSD.FXCM returns me NULL, with the following message :

Tried 10 times with no result. Check IQFeed client and try again. NULL returned. NULL

Can someone tell me what I'm missing ? I think it can be good for newcomers, if someone can help me I would stay very very happy

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  1. Stanislav Kovalevsky repo owner

    Hello, thank you for your feedback.

    Could you please make sure the specified port is historical data port? It seems like it is not. The thing is IQFeed has several ports for different requests. The one that used in get_iqfeed_data function is historical. Historical port by default is 9100.

    Also I noted that you listed a specific host address but it looks like it is the address of one of IQFeed servers and it shouldn't be possible to get the data directly from it. So the host address should be your local host address. Please try with this settings and let me know if it works.

    settings = list(
      iqfeed_host = 'localhost', # or ''
      iqfeed_port = 9100 )
    QuantTools_settings( settings )
    symbol = 'GBPUSD.FXCM'
    from = '2020-06-01'
    to = '2020-08-01'
    GBPUSD.FXCM <- get_iqfeed_data( symbol, from, to, 'hour' )

  2. Luís Cunha

    Hello Mr. Stanislav, thank’s a lot for your great help !

    After trying the settings you showed the message returned is


    Best Regards Sir, and have the best day !

  3. Stanislav Kovalevsky repo owner

    Hello Luís,

    Great! The message seems relevant now. It could be that you are not subscribed to FX data in your IQFeed account. They charge extra for Forex data. So please check this in your account subscription. And just to make sure everything is working you could try some stock ticker like AAPL for example. You should get the data without a problem.

    Have a great day!

    Kind Regards

  4. Luís Cunha

    Hello Mr. Stanislav, thanks a lot for your answer!

    After speaking with the technical support team they told me that the problem must be because I didn’t made a developer account. In 1.5 hours USA will open and I will verify with developer team to check.

    I will post here the important topics of the conversation .

    Thank you a lot for your work Mr. Stanislav, and congratulations !

  5. Luís Cunha

    Update for who had a similar problem

    I’m achiving all the capabilities I wanted from IQFeed for free without the necessity to create an account using Finam !

    Best Regards

  6. Stanislav Kovalevsky repo owner

    Actually you don’t need any developer account to get data using QuantTools. You only need it to get the API documentation and code examples. And also in case you want to fill any data issues.

    Please double check FXCM subscription first.

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