get_yahoo_data stopped working Tuesday 5/17/2017

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Issue #4 resolved
Former user created an issue

I've been using this reliably for months and all of a sudden it stopped working Tuesday and still doesn't work. The result is NULL. Here is a simple example to replicate it:

dt <- get_yahoo_data("MSFT", "2017-01-01", "2017-05-17")

I'm on QuantTools version 0.5.4, and on Microsoft Open R version 3.3.3.

It looks like the issue is with the yahoo end point you're hitting.

url = paste0("", symbol, "&a=", from[["m"]] - 1, "&b=", from[["d"]], "&c=", from[["Y"]], "&d=", to[["m"]] - 1, "&e=", to[["d"]], "&f=", to[["Y"]], "&g=d&ignore=.csv")

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