Demo application can be found [here] (


Clone repository to your local machine

$ git clone git://

Navigate to hypdf_example_app directory and install missing gems

$ cd hypdf_example_app && bundle install

Create new heroku application and install HyPDF add-on

$ heroku create
$ heroku addons:add hypdf

Add HyPDF credentials and RACK_ENV variable to the .env file

$ heroku config -s | grep HYPDF_ >> .env
$ echo "RACK_ENV=development" >> .env

If you want to upload documents to AWS S3, you need to give permissions before. Also you should replace 'hypdf_test' with your bucket name in app/controllers/pdf_controller.rb

Run application locally using Foreman

$ foreman start

Deploy application to Heroku

$ git push heroku master
$ heroku open