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Release 0.3.0

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 django-admin-tools changelog
+Version 0.3.0, 16 July 2010:
 Major changes
 * fixed issue #26 (menu bar showing for non-staff users) and also updated
   templates to match the django 1.2 templates;
 * fixed issue #29 : Django 1.2 admin base template change;
+* changed the way js files are loaded, hopefully now they are loaded 
+  syncronously (fixes issue #32);
+* fixed issue #33: empty applist menu items should not be displayed;
+* fixed issue #34: can't drag modules into an empty column;  
+* fixed issue #35 (wrong docstring for menu).
 New class names and paths


  * a customizable menu bar,
  * tools to make admin theming easier.
-VERSION = '0.2.0'
+VERSION = '0.3.0'
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