CocoaPDF / TronPDFView.h

//  TronPDFView.h
//  cocoapdf
//  Created by Quincy on 10-07-25.
//  Copyright 2010 __MyCompanyName__. All rights reserved.

#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import "MyPDFDoc.h"

#include <PDF/PDFView.h>

extern NSString * TronPDFViewPageChangedNotification;
extern NSString * TronPDFViewScrollChangedNotification;

@interface TronPDFView : NSView {
    pdftron::PDF::PDFView * _tronPDFView;
    std::vector<char> _buf;

@property (nonatomic) pdftron::PDF::PDFView * tronPDFView;

- (pdftron::PDF::PDFView *) getPDFView;

- (void)setDocument:(MyPDFDoc*) myDoc;

- (void)windowResized;

- (void)setScroll:(float)hPos verticalPosition:(float)vPos;

#pragma mark notificaitons

#pragma mark PDFView wrapper
-(int) currPageNum;
-(void) goToNextPage:(id)sender;
-(void) goToPreviousPage:(id)sender;



#pragma mark c callbacks 
void beginRendering(void* data);
void endRendering(void* data, bool canceled);
void currPageProc(int current_page, int num_pages, void *data);
void cp_1_pixel(const char * src, char * dst, int i, int j, int width, int height);

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