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Issue #7 resolved
Glintech Support created an issue

We need to upgrade JIRA and this plugin is holding us back. Do you have any current plans to release a new version with JIRA 6 support?

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  1. Alexander Shchagin

    Hi guys! There will definitely be a version for JIRA 6. At least there is no API incompatibilities with the latest JSS build 2.1.3, but I have no time to test it thoroughly just now. If anybody could do some tests with JSS 2.1.3 on JIRA 6 it will be greatly appreciated.


  2. Jason Hill

    We have Jira 6 and JSS 2.1.3 installed. We're having trouble with newly created post functions, but post functions created prior to the upgrade to Jira 6 are working fine.

    Here's a stacktrace: https://gist.github.com/jhill/19694139b2532dab5684

    If there's any other information that would be helpful, let me know. We're very appreciative of the plugin and would be happy to help however we can.

  3. brian_cohen

    In general, it appears that any previous workflows (condtions, validators, or post-functions) work with JSS 2.1.3 and Jira 6 if you upgraded from 5.x. If you then go and try to add a new JSS workflow validator/post-fuction, it does not save it to the workflow steps. So you can't add any new JSS, only pre-existing JSS steps are maintained.

    And those pre-existing ones do appear to be working, although I have not tested all of mine. I also have workflow_event.py listener service running I need to test....


  4. Alexander Shchagin

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for all your help ,it saved me a lot of time testing. I've just uploaded a new version 2.2.0 of JSS to marketplace which is JIRA 6.0 compatible.



  5. Narendrakumar Margasahayam


    I am getting 'Global Edit Validation & Postfunction scripts are disabled due to installation problem: incompatible Quick Edit plugin.' error message when I try to edit validation script. I am using JIRA v6.0.7#6106. Could you help me on this

    I am using jira-quick-edit-plugin-1.0.73.jar. The most recent one

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