Strange directory re-creation in zip output

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Sometimes zipls copies the entire absolute directory hierarchy for a single file into the zip file.

For example,

{{{ zipping 6 Excepter - Greenhouse/Stretch (Debt Dept.) zipping /home/paul/music/mnbrg_music/mp3s/12_the_world_is_really_made_of_love.mp3 }}}

The first one makes sense, but the second one is crazy!

Tried it a few times, and it only happened once, but the output is repeatable using the same m3u file.

.m3u and output from running "ls -R" on the directory from the resulting zip file are attached.

Tested on 32 and 64 bit arch linux.

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  1. pfeyz reporter

    It looks like it has to do with the fact that there's no ID3 data for those files, so my media player marked their titles in the m3u as their absolute paths.

  2. Brandon Maister repo owner

    Ah, the problem is actually that in the m3u file attached the title of the song is actually the path to the song.

    Line 12:

    1. EXTINF:455,/home/paul/music/mnbrg_music/mp3s/12_the_world_is_really_made_of_love.mp3

    The extended m3u format says that #EXTINF lines should have the format #EXTINF:[LENGTH],[ARTIST - ]TITLE

    with the things in brackets optional.

    That said, I modified zipls to usually substitute '_' for '/' in title and artist fields, since those shouldn't really have it.

    Also adding 's' to the format_spec, which would mean that it should keep slashes as slashes. I'll upload it after I've had a chance to test it.

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