1. Wubin Qu
  2. pypy


pypy / lib_pypy / tputil.py


application level support module for transparent proxies. 

from __pypy__ import tproxy 
from types import MethodType

_dummy = object()
origtype = type

def make_proxy(controller, type=_dummy, obj=_dummy): 
    """ return a tranparent proxy controlled by the given 
        'controller' callable.  The proxy will appear 
        as a completely regular instance of the given 
        type but all operations on it are send to the 
        specified controller - which receives on 
        ProxyOperation instance on each such call.  
        A non-specified type will default to type(obj) 
        if obj is specified. 
    if type is _dummy: 
        if obj is _dummy: 
            raise TypeError("you must specify a type or an instance obj of it") 
        type = origtype(obj) 
    def perform(opname, *args, **kwargs):
        operation = ProxyOperation(tp, obj, opname, args, kwargs)
        return controller(operation) 
    tp = tproxy(type, perform) 
    return tp 

class ProxyOperation(object):
    def __init__(self, proxyobj, obj, opname, args, kwargs):
        self.proxyobj = proxyobj
        self.opname = opname 
        self.args = args
        self.kwargs = kwargs
        if obj is not _dummy: 
            self.obj = obj 

    def delegate(self):
        """ return result from delegating this operation to the 
            underyling self.obj - which must exist and is usually 
            provided through the initial make_proxy(..., obj=...) 
            obj = getattr(self, 'obj')
        except AttributeError: 
            raise TypeError("proxy does not have an underlying 'obj', "
                            "cannot delegate")
        objattr = getattr(obj, self.opname) 
        res = objattr(*self.args, **self.kwargs) 
        if self.opname == "__getattribute__": 
            if (isinstance(res, MethodType) and
                res.im_self is self.instance):
                res = MethodType(res.im_func, self.proxyobj, res.im_class)
        if res is self.obj: 
            res = self.proxyobj
        return res 

    def __repr__(self):
        args = ", ".join([repr(x) for x in self.args])
        args = "<0x%x>, " % id(self.proxyobj) + args 
        if self.kwargs:
            args += ", ".join(["%s=%r" % item 
                                  for item in self.kwargs.items()])
        return "<ProxyOperation %s.%s(%s)>" %(
                    type(self.proxyobj).__name__, self.opname, args)