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Vinay Sajip  committed 3d777fc

Removed local kwarg, updated tests.

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File distlib/database.py

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     def __str__(self):
         return "%s %s" % (self.name, self.version)
-    def _get_records(self, local=False):
+    def _get_records(self):
         results = []
         record = self.open_distinfo_file('RECORD', preserve_newline=True)
             record_reader = csv.reader(record, delimiter=str(','),
+            # Base location is parent dir of .dist-info dir
+            base_location = os.path.dirname(self.path)
+            base_location = os.path.abspath(base_location)
             for row in record_reader:
                 missing = [None for i in range(len(row), 3)]
                 path, checksum, size = row + missing
-                if local:
+                if not os.path.isabs(path):
                     path = path.replace('/', os.sep)
-                    path = os.path.join(sys.prefix, path)
+                    path = os.path.join(base_location, path)
                 results.append((path, checksum, size))
             'no resource file with relative path %r is installed' %
-    def list_installed_files(self, local=False):
+    def list_installed_files(self):
         Iterates over the ``RECORD`` entries and returns a tuple
-        ``(path, hash, size)`` for each line. If *local* is ``True``,
-        the returned path is transformed into a local absolute path.
-        Otherwise the raw value from RECORD is returned.
+        ``(path, hash, size)`` for each line.
-        A local absolute path is an absolute path in which occurrences of
-        ``'/'`` have been replaced by the system separator given by ``os.sep``.
-        :parameter local: flag to say if the path should be returned as a local
-                          absolute path
-        :type local: boolean
         :returns: iterator of (path, hash, size)
-        for result in self._get_records(local):
+        for result in self._get_records():
             yield result
     def write_installed_files(self, paths, dry_run=False):
         return open(path, open_flags, **nl_arg)
-    def list_distinfo_files(self, local=False):
+    def list_distinfo_files(self):
         Iterates over the ``RECORD`` entries and returns paths for each line if
         the path is pointing to a file located in the ``.dist-info`` directory
         or one of its subdirectories.
-        :parameter local: If *local* is ``True``, each returned path is
-                          transformed into a local absolute path. Otherwise the
-                          raw value from ``RECORD`` is returned.
-        :type local: boolean
         :returns: iterator of paths
-        for path, checksum, size in self._get_records(local):
+        for path, checksum, size in self._get_records():
             # XXX add separator or use real relpath algo
             if path.startswith(self.path):
                 yield path

File tests/test_database.py

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         # Test for the iteration of local absolute paths
         distinfo_files = [os.path.join(sys.prefix, distinfo_dir, path) for
                           path in distinfo_files]
-        found = sorted(dist.list_distinfo_files(local=True))
+        found = sorted(dist.list_distinfo_files())
         if os.sep != '/':
             self.assertNotIn('/', found[0])
             self.assertIn(os.sep, found[0])

File tests/test_scripts.py

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         filenames = set([os.path.basename(f) for f in files])
         self.assertEqual(filenames, set(('foo-script.py', 'foo.exe')))
         for fn in files:
-            if fn.endswith('.exe'):
+            if fn.endswith('foo.exe'):
                 with open(fn, 'rb') as f:
                     data = f.read()
                 self.assertEqual(data, tlauncher)