1. Marcus Smith
  2. tox




- tweak and improve reporting

- refactor reporting and virtualenv manipulation 
  to be more accessible from 3rd party tools
- support value substitution from other sections
  with {section$key}
- fix issue29 - correctly point to pytest explanation
  for importing modules fully qualified
- fix issue32 - use --system-site-packages and don't pass --no-site-packages
- add python3.3 to the default env list, so early adopters can test
- fix the links/checkout howtos in the docs


- fix: allow to specify wildcard filesystem paths when 
  specifying dependencies such that tox searches for 
  the highest version

- fix issue issue21: clear PIP_REQUIRES_VIRTUALENV which avoids
  pip installing to the wrong environment, thanks to bb's streeter

- make the install step honour a testenv's setenv setting
  (thanks Ralf Schmitt)


- remove the virtualenv.py that was distributed with tox and depend
  on >=virtualenv-1.6.4 (possible now since the latter fixes a few bugs
  that the inlining tried to work around)
- fix issue10: work around UnicodeDecodeError when invoking pip (thanks
  Marc Abramowitz)
- fix a problem with parsing {posargs} in tox commands (spotted by goodwill)
- fix the warning check for commands to be installed in testenvironment
  (thanks Michael Foord for reporting)


- fix issue5 - don't require argparse for python versions that have it
- fix issue6 - recreate virtualenv if installing dependencies failed
- fix issue3 - fix example on frontpage
- fix issue2 - warn if a test command does not come from the test
- fixed/enhanced: except for initial install always call "-U
  --no-deps" for installing the sdist package to ensure that a package
  gets upgraded even if its version number did not change. (reported on
  TIP mailing list and IRC)
- inline virtualenv.py (1.6.1) script to avoid a number of issues,
  particularly failing to install python3 environments from a python2
  virtualenv installation.
- rework and enhance docs for display on readthedocs.org


- move repository and toxbootstrap links to http://bitbucket.org/hpk42/tox
- fix issue7: introduce a "minversion" directive such that tox
  bails out if it does not have the correct version.
- fix issue24: introduce a way to set environment variables for
  for test commands (thanks Chris Rose)
- fix issue22: require virtualenv-1.6.1, obsoleting virtualenv5 (thanks Jannis Leidel)
  and making things work with pypy-1.5 and python3 more seamlessly
- toxbootstrap.py (used by jenkins build slaves) now follows the latest release of virtualenv
- fix issue20: document format of URLs for specifying dependencies
- fix issue19: substitute Hudson for Jenkins everywhere following the renaming
  of the project.  NOTE: if you used the special [tox:hudson]
  section it will now need to be named [tox:jenkins].
- fix issue 23 / apply some ReST fixes
- change the positional argument specifier to use {posargs:} syntax and
  fix issues #15 and #10 by refining the argument parsing method (Chris Rose)
- remove use of inipkg lazy importing logic -
  the namespace/imports are anyway very small with tox.
- fix a fspath related assertion to work with debian installs which uses
- show path of the underlying virtualenv invocation and bootstrap
  virtualenv.py into a working subdir
- added a CONTRIBUTORS file


- fix pip-installation mixups by always unsetting PIP_RESPECT_VIRTUALENV
  (thanks Armin Ronacher)
- issue1: Add a toxbootstrap.py script for tox, thanks to Sridhar
- added support for working with different and multiple PyPI indexservers.
- new option: -r|--recreate to force recreation of virtualenv
- depend on py>=1.4.0 which does not contain or install the py.test
  anymore which is now a separate distribution "pytest".
- show logfile content if there is an error (makes CI output
  more readable)


- work around a virtualenv limitation which crashes if
- run pip/easy installs from the environment log directory, avoids
  naming clashes between env names and dependencies (thanks ronny)
- require a more recent version of py lib
- refactor and refine config detection to work from a single file
  and to detect the case where a python installation overwrote
  an old one and resulted in a new executable. This invalidates
  the existing virtualenvironment now.
- change all internal source to strip trailing whitespaces


- use virtualenv5 (my own fork of virtualenv3) for now to create python3
  environments, fixes a couple of issues and makes tox more likely to
  work with Python3 (on non-windows environments)

- add ``sitepackages`` option for testenv sections so that environments
  can be created with access to globals (default is not to have access,
  i.e. create environments with ``--no-site-packages``.

- addressing issue4: always prepend venv-path to PATH variable when calling subprocesses

- fix issue2: exit with proper non-zero return code if there were
  errors or test failures.

- added unittest2 examples contributed by Michael Foord

- only allow 'True' or 'False' for boolean config values
  (lowercase / uppercase is irrelevant)

- recreate virtualenv on changed configurations


- fix OSX related bugs that could cause the caller's environment to get
  screwed (sorry).  tox was using the same file as virtualenv for tracking
  the Python executable dependency and there also was confusion wrt links.
  this should be fixed now.

- fix long description, thanks Michael Foord


- initial release