1. Marcus Smith
  2. tox


tox / ISSUES.txt

allow user-specific python interpreters 

users should be able to define their set of python executables 
to be used for creating virtualenvs. 

non-cached test dependencies 

if there is a dependency on a URL whose content changes 
the download-cache mechanism will prevent it from being reloaded.
Introduce a 'nocache:' prefix which will inhibit using the cache. 
Also make and document a guarantee on the deps order so that
one can influence the exact configuration (e.g. use a dev-version
of some package which a later dependency or the original 
package depends upon - i.e. deps should be installed first). 

test and make "in-pkg" tests work

it is common to put tests into pkg subdirs, possibly
even with an __init__.  See if/how this can be made
to work.  Maybe also re-consider how py.test does its
importing, maybe add a pytest_addsyspath(testmodule)
and look how nose does it in detail.