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'wheel sign' fixes for Python 3

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 - 'wheel sign' uses the keys generated by 'wheel keygen' (instead of generating
   a new key at random each time)
 - Python 2/3 encoding/decoding fixes
+- Run tests on Python 2.6 (without signature verification)
     def load(self):
         # XXX JSON is not a great database
         for path in dirspec.basedir.load_config_paths('wheel'):
-            conf = os.path.join(path, 'wheel.json')
+            conf = os.path.join(native(path), 'wheel.json')
             if os.path.exists(conf):
                 with open(conf, 'r') as infile:
                     self.data = json.load(infile)
     def add_signer(self, scope, vk):
         """Remember verifying key vk as being valid for signing in scope."""
         self.data['signers'].append({'scope':scope, 'vk':vk})


     name = wf.parsed_filename.group('name')
     sign_with = wk.signers(name)[0]
-    vk = binary(sign_with[1])
     sys.stdout.write("Signing {0} with {1}\n".format(name, sign_with[1]))
-    sk = binary(keyring.get_keyring().get_password('wheel', vk))
-    keypair = ed25519ll.Keypair(urlsafe_b64decode(vk), urlsafe_b64decode(sk))
+    vk = sign_with[1]
+    kr = keyring.get_keyring()
+    sk = kr.get_password('wheel', vk)
+    keypair = ed25519ll.Keypair(urlsafe_b64decode(binary(vk)), 
+                                urlsafe_b64decode(binary(sk)))
     record_name = wf.distinfo_name + '/RECORD'
     sig_name = wf.distinfo_name + '/RECORD.jws'
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