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Release 1.0.0, yay !

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+Version 1.0.0 (2012/06/08)
+Yeah... after nearly 6 years, polib reaches the stable state :)
+Changes and fixes in this release:
+- polib.pofile and polib.mofile functions can now return a custom class (thanks Craig Blaszczyk)
+- polib now can find the metadata entry no matter where it is located (thanks François Poirotte)
+- fixed issue #28 (IOError on reading obsolete "previous msgid" entries) (thanks James Ni)
+- Dropped python 2.4 support
 Version 0.7.0 (2011/07/14)
 This version adds support for python 3 (thanks to Vinay Sajip).
 __author__    = 'David Jean Louis <izimobil@gmail.com>'
-__version__   = '0.7.0'
+__version__   = '1.0.0'
 __all__       = ['pofile', 'POFile', 'POEntry', 'mofile', 'MOFile', 'MOEntry',
                  'detect_encoding', 'escape', 'unescape', 'detect_encoding',]
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