A project template for Django 1.10.

To use this project follow these steps:

  1. Create your working environment
  2. Install Django
  3. Create the new project using the template
  4. Install additional dependencies
  5. Use the Django admin to create the project

Workflow example:

$ mkdir icecream ; cd icecream
$ virtualenv env
$ . env/bin/activate
(env)$ pip install "Django > 1.10"
(env)$ startproject --template= --extension=py,rst,txt,json,html,.bowerrc,.hgignore project_name
(env)$ pip install -r requirements/devel.txt
(env)$ cd project_name/project_name
(env)$ chmod +x
(env)$ bower install
# configure the database (settings/ or/and
(env)$ ./ migrate --settings=project_name.settings.devel
(env)$ ./ runserver --settings=project_name.settings.devel

That's all!.