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  2. flask-htmlblog



Flask-HTMLBlog is another simple blog application, it started being a game to see what Python Framework was lighter. Improvements arrives day by day so feel free to comment whatever you want.


To install Flask-HTMLBlog the only dependence you have to resolve is Flask, Flask-Flatpages, Flask-Script and Frozen-Flask. We recommend you to create a virtualenv and run Flask-HTMLBlog into. To create a virtualenv you must follow this steps:

$ sudo easy_install pip
$ pip install virtualenv
$ mkdir -p flask-htmlblog/{src,env}
$ cd flask-htmlblog/
$ virtualenv --distribute --no-site-packages env/
$ hg clone https://bitbucket.org/r0sk/flask-htmlblog src
$ source env/bin/activate
(env)$ pip install -r src/requirements.txt

And that's all, the Flask-HTMLBlog was successfully installed on your computer. Now let's go run it!


To run this amazing piece of software you should enter into virtualenv mode and then go to src/ directory and run theese commands:

$ source env/bin/activate
(env)$ cd src/
(env)$ python manage.py runserver
    * Running on
    * Restarting with reloader

If you open the url ( in a browser you can see the index of Flask-HTMLBlog. You can configure some parameters of your blog editing the configuration file, config/settings.py.


You will find the project documentation in ReadTheDocs plattform, visiting the following link:

Enjot it!.