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Developed for the Intro to Game Programming tutorial at US PyCon 2012,
revised for PyCon APAC 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Video of the tutorial (from the US PyCon 2013 - 2014 video coming soon) is at

The slide deck (with my speaking notes) is in slides.pdf

The source files starting with numbers are steps along the development of
the game. A cocos2d implementation of the platformer is in with a slightly juiced-up version in

The other game skeletons are,,
and (the last is a cocos2d game.)

The game in match3/ is an Android game runnable under pgs4a.

There is also some examples of pylepton in action in

Copyright 2012-2013 Richard Jones <>
This code is placed in the Public Domain.

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