1. Richard Jones
  2. pygame-tutorial


Developed for the Intro to Game Programming tutorial at US PyCon 2012,
revised for PyCon APAC 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Video of the tutorial (from the US PyCon 2013 - 2014 video coming soon) is at

The slide deck (with my speaking notes) is in slides.pdf

The source files starting with numbers are steps along the development of
the platformer.py game. A cocos2d implementation of the platformer is in
platformer-cocos.py with a slightly juiced-up version in

The other game skeletons are driving.py, minesweeper.py, side_scroller.py
and tower_defence.py (the last is a cocos2d game.)

The game in match3/main.py is an Android game runnable under pgs4a.

There is also some examples of pylepton in action in effects.py

Copyright 2012-2013 Richard Jones <richard@mechanicalcat.net>
This code is placed in the Public Domain.