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+How to set up a PyWeek-like site:
+1. install requirements.txt
+2. either use pyweek/*.py as your site's configuration or somehow merge it with
+   your own.
+3. create a local settings file pointed to by DJANGO_LOCAL_SETTINGS
+   - most notably you will need to set the MEDIA_* and STATIC_* variables, and
+     the database etc.
+Collect the static files:
+DJANGO_LOCAL_SETTINGS=path/to/ python -m pyweek.manage collectstatic


     (r'^all_awards/$', 'view_all_awards'),
+urlpatterns += patterns('pyweek.challenge.views.pages',
+    (r'^s/(\w+)/$', 'page'),


+import os, sets, cgi, urllib
+import datetime
+import xml.sax.saxutils
+from PIL import Image
+from django.shortcuts import render_to_response
+from django.template import RequestContext
+from pyweek.settings import PAGES_DIR
+from django.http import Http404
+from stripogram import html2text, html2safehtml
+def page(request, page_id):
+    path = os.path.join(PAGES_DIR, '%s.html'%page_id)
+    if not os.path.exists(path):
+        raise Http404('No file called %s'%page_id)
+    content = open(path, 'r').read()
+    return render_to_response('page.html',
+        dict(content=content), context_instance=RequestContext(request))
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