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HTML cleanup

  1. Juan Martínez
  • removed paragraphs and used table rows instead
  • some css tweaks


Comments (2)

  1. Richard Jones repo owner

    My bad - I forgot to run collectstatic after updating from your last pull request. The formatting is still a little funky thanks to the wrapping of "Petras Zdanavičius PW16".

  2. Juan Martínez author

    The page limitation to 750px makes things harder, but it looks OK to me now. I though about putting overall in a different level but I couldn't find a layout that didn't suck :(

    I'd love to add icons before the entries in the "top entries" so we honour the rules: "Gold, silver and bronze awards will be given for each category" :)

    I was thinking about using the short name instead the name entry, or limit the number of characters adding a "..." to denote that the name was shortened; in that way we would have space for icons like medals or laurel heading the name of the entry.

    I know your time is limited but please let me know if any of my changes needs to be improved or if its simply a bad idea!