This is the game project skeleton generator called Skellington.

It was developed for PyWeek ( but is also useful outside
of that challenge.

It will create a new project directory for you given some short name

- a new python package directory for your code with the short name you
  supplied and a stub file to start off your main game code
- a "" python script to run your game
- a "data" directory to place all your game images, sounds, fonts, map
  files, etc. in and a module in your game code package to access files in
  that directory
- a set of configuration files which are used to bundle your game up for
  distribution to others
- a bunch of documentation files; the most important of these are the
  README.txt and LICENSE.txt files (see for
  pointers about licenses)

To create your game skeleton you should run the script.

To create files to distribute to others use the script in your
game directory. It may generate one of a number of files:

- sdist; build a source dist -- everyone should upload one of these
- py2exe; build an exe for Windows
- py2app; build an app for OS X
- cx_freeze; build a linux binary (not implemented)

Once you're ready to upload your game to the challenge you may use the script in your game's directory.