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Dipus ========= Dipus is a simple full-text search server using `Whoosh <http://packages.python.org/Whoosh/>`_. Dipus is integrated to the `Sphinx document builder <http://sphinx.pocoo.org/>`_ . You can search document quickly and with N-gram. How to install -------------------- :: % pip install dipus Dependencies +++++++++++++++ - Python 2.7 - Sphinx - whoosh - simplejson - bottle How to Use -------------- Start dipus server +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ :: python -m dipus.websetup -c conf.json conf.json example :: { "indexroot": "/path/to/index" } Dipus server default url is "". Register sphinx document +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1. Add extension to your conf.py :: extensions = ['dipus.dipusbuilder'] and there are optional settings. :: #dipus_server_url = "" # url of dipus server # Default is "http://localhost:9876" #dipus_index = "test_rst" # identifier of this document # Default is same as 'project' in conf.py 2. Run builder :: % sphinx-build -b dipus source build CAUTION: builder will *overwrite* _static/search_dipus.js and _template/search_dipus.html. 3. copy search file Note: This required once when after you change conf.py dipus related values. :: % cp _template/search_dipus.html _template/search.html If you have created your own search.html, please merge it. 4. make html as usual :: % make html Note about builder will be done quickly, as "fire-and-forget". But indexing itself on the server is not so quick. Please be patient until all your document will be indexed. 5. (optional) add dipus builder to Makefile Add line which invoke dipus builder in the html section in Makefile as blow. :: html: $(SPHINXBUILD) -b dipus $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) $(BUILDDIR)/html $(SPHINXBUILD) -b html $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) $(BUILDDIR)/html Then, whenever type 'make html', documents are registerd. Search from sphinx document ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Just open your search box and type. Requirements ---------------- - Python 2.7 (sorry, not 3 currently) - sphinx - whoosh - simplejson - bottle Security ------------ *Dipus is for the internal use only.* If you want to use at the public, use google. TODO ----- - test test test - Security - Python 3 - Admin Screen - correct highlighting(a.k.a. snippet) on the search result - logging - search over multiple documents - Analyzer selected by each document