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add 'path' option which restricts commits.

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 class HgChangeLog(Directive):
     has_content = True
     required_arguments = 0
-    optional_arguments = 3
+    optional_arguments = 4
     final_argument_whitespace = False
     option_spec = {
         'max_commits': directives.positive_int,
         'repo_root_path': directives.unchanged_required,
-        'branch': directives.unchanged_required
+        'branch': directives.unchanged_required,
+        'path': directives.unchanged_required
     def run(self):
         if 'branch' in self.options:
             branch = self.options['branch']
+        path = None
+        if 'path' in self.options:
+            path = self.options['path']
         for commit in commits[:max_commits]:
             ctx = repo.changectx(commit)
             if ctx.branch() != branch:
+            if self.is_file_in_path(ctx.files(), path) is False:
+                continue
             item = nodes.list_item()
             item += [ nodes.strong(text=ctx.description()),
                       nodes.inline(text=" by "),
         return [l]
+    def is_file_in_path(self, files, path):
+        '''Check files contain some file in specified path'''
+        if path is None:
+            return True
+        for f in files:
+            if f.startswith(path):
+                return True
+        return False
 def setup(app):
     app.add_directive('hg_changelog', HgChangeLog)
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