Text style extension README

This is a sphinx extension to use some text styles.

  • Ruby Annotation
  • del
  • color
  • column

Ruby annotation is HTML 5 Ruby tag (, not ruby computer language.



> pip install sphinxcontrib-textstyle

Configure Sphinx

To enable this extension, add sphinxcontrib.textstyle module to extensions option at

# Enabled extensions
extensions = ['sphinxcontrib.textstyle']


  • ruby role makes ruby tag


    A first string becomes ruby base (<rb>) and a string which is inside <> becomes ruby text(<rt>). For rubytag not supported browser such as Firefox, ( and ) are used to represent ruby text(<rp>). You can change this character in the See below config section.

  • rst:role: del

    Del role makes delete (<del>).

  • rst:directive: del

    Del is also a directive.

    .. del::  delete note(not shown)
       This specification will be deleted
  • rst:role: color

    Color role changes the text color by using <span style="color">. Please keep in mind about this may break the separation of content and presentation.

    :color:`Color changed<red>`
  • rst:directive: column

    Directive for writing a column.

    .. column:: This is just a little column
       When you are writing an article, column is widely used.

    If output is an HTML, _static/custom.css is required. For example

    div.column {
        background-color: #eee;
        border: 1px solid #ccc;

    and add these to your

    def setup(app):


  • rubytag_rp_start
  • rubytag_rp_end

These two variables specify chracters which present ruby text.

rubytag_rp_start = '['
rubytag_rp_end   = ']'


The BSD 2-Clause License.